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Want to save some real money? We can provide a quick lesson in basic web design so you can make changes, add info or images yourself.
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Small Business/Organizations Web Sites
Creative Thinking in Melbourne Florida designs web sites for small businesses and organizations with an special emphasis on 'cost'. There are many ways to approach web site construction, most costing more than a small business or a single individual can afford. But with access to so many free web applications, images, and services, and a low overhead operation, design costs can be held to a bare minimum. Without sacrificing quality. By using innovative techniques a business or individual can acquire a presence on the internet that is desirable as well as essential to be recognized and/or competitive. It is essential all businesses have a website. 21st century marketing no longer evolves around Yellow Page advertising.
Creative Thinking-Innovative Solutions
Creative Thinking can secure your domain name, set up a hosting plan with FreeServers Web Hosting, design your page/site, submit your site/page to Google and Bing with our registered webmaster tool kit, for as little as $150.00 for a one page website. Each additional page of design is only $25.00. A six page website {includes domain name registration, hosting, submission to Google & Bing, and design}is a special price of $225.00. That is about the size of the Creative Thinking in Melbourne Florida website you are now viewing. This setup is for a one year time period {see Web Design-An Overview for an explanation of the web design process and pricing}.

Single page development with affordable hosting is also available {see Personal Pages & Websites}. {The Creative Thinking website has nine pages, the right amount of space needed to get our message out}. From simple pages to complete web sites Creative Thinking in Melbourne Florida offers alternative solutions in web site design that is affordable and professional. See our websites and pages listed below to get an idea of what you can get for a lot less than our competitors.

Informative reading: Web Site Design: An Overview
Personal Pages & Web Sites/Affordable Personal/Single Page Hosting
There are more and more people wanting/needing to get on line with their own personal pages. The biggest problem is where to begin. The second is the cost of design and hosting. Creative Thinking in Melbourne Florida solves these problems with creative solutions, at an affordable price. Whether it is a single page or multiple pages, Creative Thinking in Melbourne Florida can design your personal pages and provide you with a web presence you afford.
Have something to say, something philosophical or a grand idea? Design a webpage, or two or three, and let Creative Thinking in Melbourne Florida put it on the World Wide Web {www} for the world to see. Do it anonymous or proclaim your presence with words you define, and/or that define you. Creative Thinking in Melbourne Florida can design your page, host it on the website, submit it to Google & Bing search with our registered webmaster tool kit, for as little as $75.00 for the first year. Additional pages start at $20.00 each. After that it will only cost you $25.00 per year {first page, $5.00 for each additional page} for the hosting fee. Your web address {URL} will look something like this Click on the example below for a preview.

Web Site & Web Page Promotion
Informative reading: Top 10 Search Engine Ranking Factors
Creative Thinking has a limited number of positions for website promotion. Creative Thinking in Melbourne Florida owns several websites, many of which have a long presence on the internet. This type of promotion is achieved by linking your website or pages to Ct's already established websites. You can increase your web presence on Google & Bing search by letting Creative Thinking in Melbourne Florida promote your website or personal pages. CT has built a network of community websites that have name recognition and a strong internet presence. Our Myths-Dreams-Symbols website has been on line since 1999. That is 'old' for a website. Several of our other websites, including Creative Thinking/, have been on-line for 9 years or longer. Longevity and linking are essential elements of good search engine ranking and the quantity and quality of our websites helps insure high positing with Google and Bing. With CT or promoting your pages you access to this network. Below are the 'internet ages' of websites owned by Creative Thinking in Melbourne Florida web design {as of October 2012}
Myths-Dreams-Symbols: 13 years/ 12 years/ 9 years      Source: SEO
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A Complete 6 Page Web Site
  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting
       Freeservers Hosting
  • Design
       Creative Thinking
  • Search Engine Submission
       Google & Bing

Complete Web Site

You are rocking with your very own complete web site

Single Page Web Site
  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting
       Freeservers Hosting
  • Design
       Creative Thinking
  • Search Engine Submission
       Google & Bing

Complete Web Site

Great for anyone wanting a simple presence on the WWW/Internet

Single Page Personal Page
  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
       Creative Thinking
  • Design
       Creative Thinking
  • Search Engine Submission
       Google & Bing

Complete Web Site

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Our Work-Small Business Web Sites With A Big Appearance

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"Soon there will be only two kinds of businesses, those online and those out of business"....Bill Gates


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